Something Agile Lean Something – Posters on agile and lean concepts and techniques

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A couple of weeks ago I started a new hobby. I’ve found a way to combine teaching agile and lean with creativity, art, Lego and Star Wars. Now I love spending time slowly putting Lego blocks together to create scenes. One by one. Very meditative and creative 🙂 The scenes I build I then use for illustrating different concepts and techniques from agile and lean in the format of posters.

This is the latest poster – #5 MVP Flavors.#5 - MVP Flavors

If you like it, you can find more here. Clicking the thumbnails on the site will give you high-resolution images that you can download.

1544346_10152571030156249_4360171987474261740_nYou can put print them and put them up on your team’s wall like a friend of mine has done.

Thanks Jörgen Thelin for the photo 🙂


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    Jake Friedman
    2015-03-16 - 21:41 | Permalink

    Hi there. I stumbled across your blog today–great stuff.

    I see that your firm does Agile coaching. I found this great TED talk that is a great primer on teaming. Check it out!

    Depending on the time allotted for your workshops, maybe even do the challenge 🙂



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    2017-12-07 - 12:48 | Permalink

    Hey Jimmy, I found the link you shared is very interesting about Agile vs Lean and flavouring it with Star wars and Lego. I have a blog with me which deals with the concept of MVP full of humour quotient in it, here is the link:

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