Programming with kids & co-speaking with my son :)

Yesterday me and Dave (11 yrs) spoke together for the first time! We did a public talk at Spotify about how to help kids learn to program. We’ve been experimenting a lot with that in my family (4 kids to experiment with… muahahaha), and wanted to share some learnings. Worked out better than we could have hoped, considering all the risky tech demos and live coding involved 🙂

Shared the stage with teacher Frida MonsĂ©n who talked about how to get this kind of stuff into schools. Thanks Helena HjertĂ©n for organizing this, and Spotify for hosting & sponsoring. Here’s an article in Computer Sweden about this event and our little “mod club”.

Here are the slides! They are in Swedish though. Might do an English version of this talk some day 🙂

Dave on Stage

Dave demoing

Happy speakers

PS – here’s a short video about LearnToMod that I created earlier to show what it is all about.

2 responses on “Programming with kids & co-speaking with my son :)

  1. Hi Henrik!
    Great thing! You should do the english version with your at Agile Testing Days, during the agile kids track!

  2. Mycket bra! Jag önskar jag hade kunnat komma men hÄller ett öga pÄ om/nÀr nÀsta tillfÀllen kommer upp.

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