Download Crisp’s voting and hand signal posters

At Crisp we often find ourselves discussing various, sometimes though topics, in really big groups. The way we govern ourselves (no managers) and the fact that we make big decisions by consensus or concent have driven a need for us to figure out how to have efficient and effective discussions in big groups. A couple of hand signals have emerged over time that works as a great communication/collaboration tool for us when voting and discussing.


You can download a PDF with all the hand signals here.
Once downloaded you can, if you want to, print them on A4 or A3 papers and use them yourself.

Here you can read a previous blog post from Peter Antman about Crisps concesus model (v2.1).

And here you can read about How we make decisions on dna.crisp.seour open-source site that describing how Crisp works and why. On the same site you can also read about the Hand signals shown below.

The hand signals are…

01 Up (Crisp Hand Signal)02 Sideways  (Crisp Hand Signal)03 Down (Crisp Hand Signal)04 Stand Aside (Crisp Hand Signal)05 Want to speak (Crisp Hand Signal)06 Facts (Crisp Hand Signal)07 Agree (Crisp Hand Signal)

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