Slides from Agile Testing Day Scandinavia

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In this talk I presented a simple 2D platformer written in Java/Groovy and how to use Spock to test it. I’ll make the source code available in a while.

By the way, of you’re not using Spock yet, then start!


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    Mattias Skarin
    2016-06-16 - 08:35 | Permalink

    Really nice summary of testing challenges in games (and how spock helps).

    I’d love to see a followup focusing on design patterns which are useful for improving testability in games.


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    Alexander Tarlinder
    2016-07-28 - 23:42 | Permalink

    Thanks friend ūüôā
    I’d love to write something, but this is (at least to me) uncharted territory.
    There are good books on game patterns, but game testing patterns…

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