Alignment at Scale – slides from my Agile Africa keynote

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Here are the slides from my Agile Africa keynote Alignment at Scale (or How to Not become Totally Unagile when you have Lots of Teams). Thanks for a great conference!

And thanks everyone for the Emma greeting, that sure made an 8 year girl very happy 🙂

(Emma was supposed to join me on this trip, but couldn’t make it because I had missed some required paperwork for travelling with minors to South Africa).

Agile Alignment at Scale

Too busy to improve

Agile leadership



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    2016-08-25 - 16:31 | Permalink

    […] Alignment at Scale […]

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    Pedro de Barros Jose
    2016-11-23 - 18:20 | Permalink

    Is there a video of this presentation we can get access to?


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    Pedro de Barros Jose
    2016-11-23 - 18:30 | Permalink

    Found it :


    Fantastic presentation – as usual.


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    2016-11-30 - 07:20 | Permalink

    It has been played at Lean Kanban France yesterday (29 nov 16). It’s accessible in the youtube channel and on InfoQ later on. Links on our website

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    2017-01-03 - 23:42 | Permalink

    Thanks for sharing, great content.

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