Scaling Agile @ LEGO and Spotify – my talk at EA träff

Here are my slides from today’s talk “Scaling Agile @ LEGO and Spotify” at EA träff in Stockholm (EA = enterprise architecture). Fun to hang out with enterprise architects and learn what that’s all about 🙂

Some sample slides from my talk:




6 responses on “Scaling Agile @ LEGO and Spotify – my talk at EA träff

  1. Hi Henrik, great sharing indeed! Was this talk being recorded and any possibility to find the recording?
    Would like to know more about the lesson learned from Spotify and LEGO agile transformation stories.


  2. Hello Henrik,

    Would you mind elaborating on your learning that “Scaling hurts”? I’m curious to hear more about what is meant there, as I got from your Spotify videos that scaling was a part of the approach in those teams. What changed your view?

    Thank you

  3. Hej Henrik,

    I really enjoy your thoughts on Agile and the comparison of how corporate culture effects the implementation.

    Probably it is always a mixture of company culture, competitor pressure, customer requirements which influence the form of implementation of Agile.

    Thank you again!

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