Confessions of a Change Agent – my keynote from Agile Rock, Kiev

Here is the flipchart from my talk “Confessions of a Change Agent” at Agile Rock conference in Kiev. Click for a zoomed in version.

Confessions of a Change Agent

Crazy & fun trip! Apart from my ending keynote and some random agile conversations, I spent most of the conference jamming on stage,¬† signing books, and being in pulled in for selfies ūüôā

Thx Alexiy for organizing an awesome conference. Music + agile truly rocks!





2 responses on “Confessions of a Change Agent – my keynote from Agile Rock, Kiev

  1. Great work on the visuals and the simplicity. I feel the two systems go together, but you put it so clearly, and joining on customer value delivered unites them.

  2. Brilliant! It made me smile with joy.
    In the business improvement/continuous improvement world that I lived in my own interpretation/realization of “the Law of Two Feet” was: As we step forward towards an opportunity, we will have to solve any constraint that holds us back (confidence, competence, capacity, clarity, etc). Those who decide to ignore constraints by jumping on one leg – well, read these confessions while you rest.
    And yes, Make Things Visible. It is the engine of change.

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