Interview with Stephen Bungay on Strategy Execution and the gaps of OKR’s

We took the opportunity to interview Stephen “Art of Action” Bungay during his last visit in Stockholm. Stephen has worked with strategy and making it come alive in areas stretching from Business to Formula 1.
We were curious to know:

  • What is the “Art of action” (and how does it help Strategy to come alive)
  • What is the differences/similarities to OKR’s (objectives and key results)
  • What organisational capabilities needs to be there, for alignment frameworks, to really work?

My own 2’c is that companies implement alignment frameworks like OKR’s blindly, without thinking about the pre-conditions and capabilities that have to be there for them to work. After all, the input is given by humans: Bad input -> Bad output.

psst: Want to meet Stephen and learn more about Agile Strategy? Join his upcoming “Art of action” class in Stockholm on April 21’st.

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