Podcast: The SimCorp journey – to and beyond SAFe

A couple of years ago, SimCorp made the leap into Agile using SAFe.

In this podcast, we get inside stories to

  • Why they started their journey into Agile
  • The results they have gotten so far
  • Why they now feel ready to make a new leap, inspired by a new Agile vision for the future

Participants: Georg Hetrodt, CPO, Neil Cook – Agile Coach & RTE, Jan Grape Crisp, Mattias Skarin Crisp

3 responses on “Podcast: The SimCorp journey – to and beyond SAFe

  1. Hi Mattias,

    I really like your blog and would like to subscribe to your RRS feed but the link “Subscribe to Mattias’s RDD feed” doesn’t work 🙁 How can I ensure that I do not miss your next interesting post? 🙂


    1. Hi Linnéa

      Glad you like it. In order to read RSS you need to install an RSS reader. (I know its not obvious in our blog that you need to install it..)
      Websites and blogs that have feeds want you to subscribe. They provide buttons like those seen below. The process is:

      1. Find an RSS reader that suits you: http://rss-tutorial.com/rss-select-an-rss-reader.php
      2. Right click on the RSS icon or button.
      3. Select Copy Link Location to copy the URL of the feed.
      4. Go to your RSS Feed Reader.
      5. Paste the URL into your Feed reader.

      Hope it works!
      Cheers Mattias

  2. Great side-effect that working agile is also an advantage during Covid-19 where we were all working remotely; teams are self-organized and the effectiveness still expelled during Covid-19 would not have been possible in a Waterfall setup.
    It seems the agile manifesto principle #6 about face to face conversation can easily happen online.

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