Agile@Home – simplifying life using agile and lean principles

Here are annotated slides from my lighting talk Agile@Home at Agila Sverige 2012.

Have you tried a BBQ board? Or a travel spike? Or a homework burnup chart? How about Limiting WIP in the kitchen, or the closet? How about agile party planning? There are plenty of ways that Agile and Lean practices and ideas can be used to make life at home more simple, pleasant, and fun!

There are two recordings of the talk: here and here. The talk is in Swedish though, and the sound quality is pretty bad. And the tempo is very high – it’s a 10 minute lightning talk after all :o)

In the slides I’ve added english subtitles (well, speach bubbles actually). Wanted to try that instead of writing an article, what do you think? 🙂

Enjoy! And please share your own tips and tricks!

18 responses on “Agile@Home – simplifying life using agile and lean principles

  1. This is just great! Thanks!

    I guess the most important thing was to sell the change to the rest of the family?

    Everyone should want to do his work effectively.

  2. I have an article about burndown charts for homework.

    As that was fixed homework for going back to Belgium that worked.
    I can see that for normal homework, a burnup chart would be better.

    I’m looking forward to the moment my daughter respects the clothes limit.
    (she is now changing multiple times a day, if we let her too…)


  3. hahaha… I though I was alone about applying agile principles to the home 🙂
    Now I don’t feel that funny any more… hehe

    1. same here. this means only one thing: you are NEVER alone with your madness 😀 ohh and one more thing: no intellligent idea can gain general acceptance unless some stupidity is mixed in it.

  4. Tried your homework example with my six year old son today, who had also trouble focussing. It worked great!
    We areed on a “Definition of Done” for each task and every five minutes we counted how many tasks wher left to do.
    He had done his homework quickckly and more accurate than before. And he had fun doing it because he saw the progress!
    Next thing is to agree on a DoD and WIP limits for some things with my wife, which will be far more challenging 😉
    Great idea, thank you very much for posting it!

  5. Nice try, since the Tao behind many things are the same, Agile or Lean of course can be applied to daily life. But it somehow been limited to those who really got the essences. Maybe it’s nice to ask the question “can you apply Agile in your daily life” in an interview 🙂

  6. Guys 🙂

    This is perfect! I started something like this at home but the PO (my wife) at first did’nt like it: I was too revolutionary. Ever since I use the partizan technique… never bring your workk home (too openly).


  7. I love this! This is the type of stuff that makes me an even bigger advocate of agile! Having fun while getting work done! What? Thanks for the entertaining and enlightening posts.

  8. Hey Henrik,

    Where can I find this presentation “Henrik Kniberg – Agile @ Home” in English?

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