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Cause-effect diagrams

Here’s a new article for you: Cause-effect diagrams: a pragmatic way of doing root-cause analysis Cause-effect diagrams are a simple and pragmatic way of doing root cause analysis. I’ve been using these diagrams for years to help organizations understand and solve all kinds of problems – technical as well as organizational. The purpose of the

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A3 Problem Solving template and example

For those of you interested in Lean problem solving techniques, Tom Poppendieck and I have created an A3 problem solving example and template. Feel free to use as you please.

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There are no hard problems

One of the recurring themes on Jerry Weinberg’s PSL course (Problem Solving Leadership) was "There are no hard problems, just hard solutions". Often a problem seems hard only because we make it hard, by attempting a hard solution. When we instead open our minds and find the simple solution, the problem suddenly proves to be

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