Cause-effect diagrams

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Cause-effect diagrams are a simple and pragmatic way of doing root cause analysis. I’ve been using these diagrams for years to help organizations understand and solve all kinds of problems – technical as well as organizational.

The purpose of the article is to show you how cause-effect diagrams work, so you can put them to use in your own context.

Cause-effect diagrams



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    2012-04-24 - 00:15 | Permalink

    […] Cause and Effect Diagrams: Great way to generate rich information about a system. I use this to make visible all the ‘symptoms’ and that need to be addressed, their effects as well as their apparent causes, so that it’s possible to make decisions on what needs to be resolved in what order, and how we expect it to impact the rest of the system. (Ishikawa diagrams are an alternative form of this, which I haven’t worked with) […]

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    2012-08-23 - 10:35 | Permalink

    […] root-cause analysis using 5 why’s or a cause-effect diagram or similar, to understand the nature of the problem, and reduce the risk of solving symptoms […]

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    2013-07-12 - 08:47 | Permalink

    […] might want to do a cause-effect analysis of this. Is the product owner pressuring you? Why? Who is pressuring the product owner? Who is […]

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    2019-02-01 - 19:00 | Permalink

    Want to share the PDF, which I saw in the past, but the link is broken…

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