A3 Problem Solving template and example

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For those of you interested in Lean problem solving techniques, Tom Poppendieck and I have created an A3 problem solving example and template. Feel free to use as you please.

A3 problem solving


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    2009-09-23 - 11:30 | Permalink

    Great stuff! The root cause chart on the PDF has some problems rendering on my mac. It sucks down the CPU for a minute every time it is moved or zoomed.


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    2009-09-23 - 06:27 | Permalink

    Thanks for letting me know. Will have a look at the problem.

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    2010-11-07 - 08:47 | Permalink

    Many thanks. Very useful n relevant!

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    2016-07-25 - 20:49 | Permalink

    […] A3 Problem Solving template and example […]

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