Wicket + Mockito = Love

I’ve survived my first Rocket Day. RD are our seminars at Crisp where we talk for half a day on a subject of choice. Mine was Test Driven Development with Wicket and Mockito.

I chosed to do a live coding performance as I liked to do a very down-to-earth, practical seminar.

The slides are currently in swedish but I will translat them to english. Later. 😉

However, most of you read swedish so I have published them here.

4 responses on “Wicket + Mockito = Love

  1. Sorry about that. Somehow the links was broken. I do not know why that happens. Ironically is that my example is a blog tool. Jealousy?

  2. Lysande!
    Men jag letar förgÀver efter ett sÀtt att kombinera Wicket + Spring + Mockito. Spring + Wicket gÄr ju bra med annoteringar, men att fÄ in dessa @SpringBean-annoterade beroenden WicketTester-sammanhanget. Du hade löst det med att deklarera en tjÀnst i applikationsklassen? Eller fattar jag fel? Det vore fantastiskt att kunna deklarer t.ex en Mockito-baserad mock och fÄ den injicerad i stÀllet för motsvarande springböna och sedan kunna testa pÄ samma sÀtt med WicketTester.

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