Kanban and Scrum – making the most of both

Here are the slides for my session Kanban and Scrum – making the most of both at Agile 2010, Orlando. Thanks for participating!


For those who didn’t get a hold of the handouts, here is the Kanban Kick-Start Example and the Scrum Checklist.

I was a bit worried that the participants would be tired & unengaged since this was the last session of a week long conference. But I threw in some exercises and jokes to liven things up and was happy to see that everyone seemed highly engaged througout the whole session! The course feedback forms confirm this – the average rating of the session was 5.0 out of 5! Every one of the 85 feedback forms said 5. How to improve from here? :o)

Sorry for those of you who couldn’t get in (the room filled up quickly). These links may be of interest to you:

Slide excerpts:
Kanban Scrum estimation

Scrum sprints and Kanban cadences

6 responses on “Kanban and Scrum – making the most of both

  1. Thanks for the excellent talk at the conference. I enjoyed every bit of it. As soon as I get back to work next week, a Kanban board will be prepared for my team.

    Do you mind emailing me a copy of your powerpoint file for the slides so that I can use it for teaching my students. TIA

  2. Must commend you on your slidemanship.. knockout set of slides.

    Your pictures say more than the usual thousand words. Couldn’t get off the pdf.. a pageturner and an eyeopener! Not had much exposure to Kanban but saw some things that I could add to my toolkit.

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