Agile @ Home (AgileEE keynote)

Here are the slides for my third(!) keynote at Agile Eastern Europe. The guy who was supposed to do the afternoon keynote couldn’t make it, so I was invited to jump up and do another one (talked about Spotify, but I don’t yet have permission to publish those slides, sorry). And then that one finished early, so I filled in the last 20 minutes with this short talk about Agile @ Home. Three keynotes in one day must be some kind of record 🙂

Thanks for listening, and glad to see that so many of you were so excited about the idea of using Agile outside of work 🙂


4 responses on “Agile @ Home (AgileEE keynote)

  1. it’s a very inspiring talk 🙂 thanks, Henrik.

    as for the slides – on the 2nd page there is a photo missing, only baloons are shown pointing to nowhere.

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