Slacker? No, hacker!

Last friday, I had the day off. Again.

Yes, there were some code!

This was just one of several days that I have had off, not counting weekends and vacations. So am I just a slacker that don’t work 5 five days a week? No, on the contrary! This makes me a better programmer. How? Read on.

Having a day off from my assignment has nothing to do with me wanting just to take it easy. No, those days off is when I work either at other shorter assignments, teaches a class, read a book or perhaps work on a private project.


I believe in software craftsmanship.


That if I continuously train myself, experience new things and have fun while I am doing it, I become a better programmer. I believe in the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship, and in order to be able to create well-crafted software, I have to develop as a programmer.

Just because I am on the wrong (?) side of 40 doesn’t mean I can relax. Oh, and another thing! These days off I choose what I want to work on, which makes it fun, and that makes me motivated.

Becoming a better programmer also makes me a better consultant, which is a craft of it’s own. Having the experience from many types of products/systems/organizations makes it easier for me to adapt to the next assignment.

A slack day creates innovation

We all know about the infamous Google day, Atlassian, 3M and so on, who all have their different ways of creating slack to create innovation.
At Crisp, we have Crisp Hack Summit, but it is very different. We are not trying to create products that we sell. Instead, the Hack Summit is where those of us that wants to, meet up and hack on our favourite projects. Some have very clear ideas, some just wants to learn new technologies and others just read. It is a nice way of socializing and learn together. And sometimes, something emerges that we use internally at Crisp.
Last week, I attended Crisp Hack Summit #5. This time, buzzwords heard in the room was MeteorNodeJSPlay frameworkScalaGoogle App EngineKineticJS, Garmin Device API, some Python, PHP and Java as well. I actually worked on improving Crisp’s web, so for me it was working with our WordPress theme in PHP.
Photo Credit: all photos are taken by myself.

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