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Intro to Kanban – slides from Leaders of Agile webinar

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Here are my Kanban Intro slides from my Leaders of Agile webinar together with Kent Beck and Aslam Khan on Oct 27. Thanks for participating!

BTW when I did this presentation I was sitting in a small hotel room in Tokyo with 4 sleeping kids. Due to timezone differences it was the middle of the night. Fortunately nobody woke up 🙂

Sample slides:

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Tokyo Scrum Gathering keynote: Everybody wants Change, but nobody likes to Be Changed

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Here are the slides for my Tokyo Scrum Gathering keynote “Everybody wants Change, but nobody likes to be changed“. Thanks for attending!

Sample slides:

Slides from ReForum Zurich

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Back from Zurich. I presented at the ReForum, a gathering for requirement engineers and product owners, arranged by SAQ. My topic was “Exploring requirement options with kanban” and more specific, what you can do if you do have a more complex development scenario (ie. large customer base, not just one team..)

I always enjoy coming back with some fresh ideas and in my case it was the “world coffee”. I liked the balance between facilitation and curiosity.

World Coffee in action

Wold coffee

Even I got a vote! 🙂

even I got a vote :)

Anyway, here are the slides!

Properties of a good daily stand-up

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I had a conversation with some of my colleagues about what makes a good daily stand-up, here are some properties:

  • Time-boxed (15 minutes)
  • Everyone is engaged
  • Synchronization is taking place
  • Attention to problems
  • People ask for help
  • The conversation is about stuff that matters to most people, individual issues are postponed
  • Anyone can lead the meeting, not just the Scrum Master / Team Coach
  • The meeting is the starting point for the day, afterwards everyone feels energized and can start working right away
  • Ends with a punch that marks the end of the meeting and the start of the day*

* The team has dumbells by the scrum board. The rule is that if you feel the current speaker is monopolizing the meeting, you can hand the speaker a dumbell. Now the speaker can keep talking only as long as they can hold up the dumbbell with an outstretched arm.

Slides from Devcon11

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Just back from Devcon11 where I presented on techniques to improve flow.
There is plenty to say here so had to limit the material in some way. Hope to come back to this subject again in the future.

Anyway, here are the slides

Webinar on Lean software development July 20

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I’m doing a free webinar tomorrow together with Kent Beck & Aslam Khan. The topic is Lean software development, with some real-life examples and interesting discussions. I will be sharing some experiences with scaling kanban to larger projects.

Join us! Here is the registration link.

Wednesday July 20 at 1pm EDT, 10am PDT, 7pm Stockholm time.

Kent BeckAslam KhanHenrik Kniberg

Lean & Kanban at RPS

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Dagens Industri has written an article about my current client RPS – Rikspolisstyrelsen (the Swedish national police board). During the past 6 months I’ve been working with them to implement a Kanban-based software development process in a 60-person project. Our aim is to equip every police car with a laptop & mobile connection to the HQ, so that police can stay on the field instead of having to drive to the station and do backoffice work for every prosecution. The first pilot was released last summer and now, after a series of bi-monthly releases, it is being rolled out to thousands of police cars throughout the whole country.

This project is a milestone at RPS due to the short delivery time, the overwhelmingly positive response from users, and the surpringly low number of defects and support issues, especially considering the complexity of the product (LOTS of systems to integrate). I’m very impressed by the competence and teamwork of the people involved in this project. Simple process metrics show that they within 4 months managed to double velocity and cut cycle time in half, probably mostly due to improved collaboration and focus.

I’m planning to write an article "Lean from the trenches" describing some of the stuff we’ve been doing and what we’ve learned along the way – for example how to scale kanban and how to use simple techniques to improve collaboration between different disciplines.

Our project is described on page 18 in the DI Lean special issue (in Swedish though).

10 pitfalls when implementing kanban – slides

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It’s been two busy weeks. First attended and presented at Lean Software and Systems 2011 and the week after at Goto Copenhagen 2011. Lot’s of timezones.. but met inspiring people, had plenty of good discussions and and a great time.

Many great presentations and if you have the chance, go see Benjamin Mitchell present.  Also, the   “Kanban Primer Play” (by Arne Roock, Bernd Schiffer and Markus Andrezak) is great way of demonstration real lean and cooperative concepts revolving around a kanban board.

I held a talk about pitfalls implementing kanban. Here are my slides!

Limited WIP Society #5 – Playing GetKanban

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Here is a team playing:

And of course.. our results! Can you beat them? What were yours? 🙂

Agile Israel slides

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Here are the slides from my two presentations at Agile Israel 2011. Thanks for attending!

Upcoming Kanban & Lean & Agile events

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Here are some fun workshops that I will be co-teaching during the next few months. Join us! For more info see www.crisp.se.

Kanban Applied
co-teaching with Mattias Skarin, March 22-23.
Mattias is a colleague & lean/agile coach, he co-authored my book "Kanban and Scrum, making the most of both".
(details & registration here)

Certified ScrumMaster & Agile Fundamentals
co-teaching with Alistair Cockburn, April 6-8 (3 days).
Alistair is co-author of the Agile Manifesto and has written a number of books, including "Agile Software Development – the cooperative game".
(details & registration here)

Certified ScrumMaster
co-teaching with Jeff Sutherland, April 28-29.
Jeff created Scrum and co-authored the Agile Manifesto.
(details & registration here)

Leading Lean SW Development
co-teaching with Tom & Mary Poppendieck, May 19-20.
Tom & Mary coined the term "Lean Software Development" and have written 3 famous books on the topic.
(details & registration here)

Slides from my presentation at ScanAgile 2011

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At ScanAgile I had the pleasure of talking about options for a Scrum team, ways to pimp your process. A reminder that there always exists two solutions to every problem.

At ScanAgile I really enjoyed the continuous database deploy session with Peter Bell.
It always feels familiar visiting Finland 🙂

Anyway, here are the slides

Scrum and XP – Beyond the trenches

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Here are the slides from my presentation "Scrum and XP – Beyond the trenches" at JFokus. Thanks for coming!

To those of you that weren’t at the presentation, the purpose of the presentation was:

  • Many of the solutions in ”Scrum and XP from the Trenches” turned out to be pretty much universally applicable
  • However, I’ve learned a lot since 2006 and there some things that I would have done differently if I could go back in time.
  • Purpose of this presentation is to share these insights with you.

I came up with 15 concrete recommendations that I believed would be very widely applicable. Based on the polls that we did during this presentation, the hypothesis seemed correct! Every single recommendation got 90-100% Green votes from the audience. Or maybe you were just trying to be nice… Well, anyway, thanks for your feedback!

Sample slides:

10 kanban boards and their context

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I have rounded up 10  (ahum..)  12 different kanban boards as used in operations, development, sales and marketing. Maybe it can help to spark some ideas.

I didn’t make the boards perfect, you need to think about what WIP limits and policies that fits you. After all, a system is best if it has been designed by the people who works in that context.

You can download it here

Kanban and Scrum – making the most of both

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Here are the slides for my session "Kanban and Scrum – making the most of both" at Øredev. Also includes the "extra" topics that didn’t fit into the timebox. Enjoy!

There’s also a video recording of the whole session.

The Power of Visualization

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Here are the slides for my keynote at Øredev: "Software Development – an invisible proess (or The Power of Visualization)". Thanks for coming!

As a manager, I am responsible of the design of the system

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One of the things I really like about Lean is it has a build in management system. Managers play an active role in operations by pulling managers in if there is a flow problem . In this way, forcing them to update and revise their mental model of the real state. 

In own kanban implementations, I typically expect managers to participate in problem solving for issues streching beyond team borders as a minimum requirement. (For really good managers mentioning this is always unnecessary, this is part of their DNA)

But today David Anderson said something that struck a cord in me.

"Managers are designing the system in which their people work". 

He continued:

"And what we want is to make people think consiously about the problems that needs be solved in their context, rather than blueprinting solutions."

That sounded completely right. A manager is responsible for designing the system in which people work and for the needs they face. And this cannot be traded away. Tools in this design is policies, WIP limits, training, hiring, degree of governance etc.

Thus it makes perfect sense for a system designed to create highly differenting products (game development) to look completely different to a system designed to deliver fairly predictable features to a mature markets (for example legislation compliance)

Bottom line: Designing the system is not a responsibility managers can trade away. Only improve. 

This is going to me my take (until I find something better :).  I encourage our kanban community can to debate this thought.

Russian version of ‘Kanban and Scrum – making the most of both’

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Here is the Russian translation of my book Kanban and Scrum – making the most of both.

Kanban and Scrum book - Russian Cover

Thanks Mariia Yevgrashyna, Tanya Kobzar, Sergiy Movchan, Artjom Serdyuk, Borys Lebeda, Aleksey Solntsev, Alina Marusyk, Alexander Zhovnuvaty, Aleksey Goncharenko, Lina Shishkina, Roman Kononov, Tim Yevgrashyn, Yaroslav Gnatyuk, and Andrey Bibichev.

If anyone else wants to make translations feel free to contact my editor diana <at> c4media.com

Vad är ett agilt projekt?

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Here are the slides from my seminar "Vad är ett agilt projekt" (What is an agile project) at PMI in Stockholm. I was happy to see so many participants, and impressed that you managed to stay awake & engaged despite the fact that it was an evening seminar with very comfortable chairs :o)

Here are links to some of the material that I mentioned:

Sample slide:
Less is more

Awesome Agile & Lean workshops coming up

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We got some really cool workshops coming up during the next couple of months together with some of the "founding fathers" of Lean and Agile software development :o)

David Anderson Kanban book
David Anderson is the pioneer of Kanban in software development and author of the book Kanban – Successful evolutionary change for your technology business.

  • Nov 8 – 9: Kanban Training with David Anderson
    Learn how to introduce Kanban in your organization
  • Nov 10 – 11: Kanban Coach Camp with David Anderson and Mattias Skarin
    Evolve your skills as Kanban practitioner and coach

 Don ReinertsenDon books
Don Reinertsen has been on our "people that we really have to bring to Stockholm" list for a long time! Don is author of one of my favorite books "Managing the Design Factory", and his teachings have been a key source of inspiration to many thought leaders such as Mary Poppendieck and David Anderson. Don focuses on quantification and economic justification for improvement actions, and provides practical methods rather than general philosophical principles.

Ron Jeffries
Ron Jeffries is one of 3 original founders of XP (eXtreme programming) and co-author of the Agile Manifesto. He helped create the new Certified Scrum Developer program and this is the first time the course runs in Sweden.

  • Dec 6 – 10: Certified Scrum Developer with Ron Jeffries & Chet Hendrickson
    Combines a 2 day Certified Scrum Master course with a 3 day hands-on workshop on XP engineering practices (TDD, continuous integration, etc).

I’ll be there with Don and Ron. Unfortunately I’ll miss David this time around, I’ll be doing a keynote at Öredev that week.

See you around!

The Essence of Agile

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Here are the slides from my keynote “The Essence of Agile” from AgileEE 2010 in Kiev. Thanks for a great conference!

Here’s a nice summary transcript of the session (thx Alexander Beletsky).

Here is a video recording (minus the first 10 minutes or so):

Sample slides:

Guided missile

Don't be dogmatic

Three special Lean events coming up!

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We have three interesting events coming up:

Kanban Training with David Anderson, Nov 8-9
– Learn how to introduce Kanban in your organisation from the source: David Anderson.

Kanban Coach Camp with David Anderson & Mattias Skarin, Nov 10-11
– As a kanban practitioner, evolve your skill in incremental improvement

Second generation Lean product development – as if economics matter, Don Reinertsen, Dec 2-3
– As a CEO or business owner, learn the principles and economics driving product development

We are especially pleased to welcome Don Reinertsen to Stockholm, he has been on our "people that we really have to bring to Stockholm" list for a long time! Don is author of one of our
 favorite books "Managing the Design Factory", and his teachings have been a key source of inspiration to other thought leaders such as Mary Poppendieck and David Anderson.

Don is keen on making us differentiate between Lean for manufacturing and Product development, and points out that understanding the economics involved helps us improve way beyond charters and improve our decision making. Be aware, you will not leave untouched.

Don Reinertsen books

Slides from Lean & Kanban Europe 2010

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  …or "how we learned the right process needed to solve our problems".

I presented at Lean & Kanban Europe yesterday. It was great to meet people from so many disciplines, Here are my slides.

The Thinking Tool called Agile

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Here are the slides from my keynote "The Thinking Tool Called Agile" from the Lean/Agile/Scrum conference in Zurich.

The slides from the value stream workshop with Mary Poppendieck and myself will be up on the LAS site soon.
Agile Lean toolkit
Portfolio Kanban board

Kanban for Scrum practitioners

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Here are the slides from my deep-dive workshop at the Scrum Gathering, Cape Town:

Thanks for attending! Lots of interesting questions and insights came up during the workshop.

Sample slide:
Setting WIP limits

Leading Lean Software Development with Mary Poppendieck

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On Sep 16-17 Tom & Mary Poppendieck will once again come to Stockholm and teach a lean course with me. "Leading Lean Software Development" is aimed at leaders in organisations that are serious about succeeding with Lean software development.

The course also includes an evening seminar on Sep 15.

Save SEK 2000 by registering this week (early bird price expires on Friday Aug 20).

There are still a few spots left, more info and registration here:

Join us!

Kanban and Scrum – making the most of both

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Here are the slides for my session Kanban and Scrum – making the most of both at Agile 2010, Orlando. Thanks for participating!


For those who didn’t get a hold of the handouts, here is the Kanban Kick-Start Example and the Scrum Checklist.

I was a bit worried that the participants would be tired & unengaged since this was the last session of a week long conference. But I threw in some exercises and jokes to liven things up and was happy to see that everyone seemed highly engaged througout the whole session! The course feedback forms confirm this – the average rating of the session was 5.0 out of 5! Every one of the 85 feedback forms said 5. How to improve from here? :o)

Sorry for those of you who couldn’t get in (the room filled up quickly). These links may be of interest to you:

Slide excerpts:
Kanban Scrum estimation

Scrum sprints and Kanban cadences

Experimenting with Kanban Principles at NDC 2010

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  At the NDC 2010 conference I ran a workshop demonstrating the  principles behind Kanban (showing there is more too it than a visual workspace..) . My approach was to do it using a set of games.

Anyway, here are the slides

Ps:  A great conference for an old MSoft geek 🙂

Kanban and Value Stream Mapping workshop

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Here are the slides from my Kanban & Value Stream Mapping workshop at Agile Spain 2010 in Madrid. Thanks for participating!

Kanban workshop group 1
Kanban workshop group 2Kanban workshop dogfooding

The Essence of Agile

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Here are the slides from my keynote "The Essence of Agile" at Agile Spain 2010, Madrid. Basically a whole week’s course compressed into a one hour lecture, worked out even better than I had hoped :o)

Impressed by the turnup, 300 people is good for being the first agile conference in Spain!

What is all this stuff?